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well I forgot my pass

2010-09-09 21:55:33 by animemaker22

I finally remembered my pass so ill post atleast one new photo every week :D

Heys people

2010-04-30 17:20:57 by animemaker22

I decided to continue having no life so I created another picture! =D for the win!

Heys people

I'm leaving

2010-04-06 12:50:06 by animemaker22

I got bored of drawing and attempting flash animation so I'll just start doing things normal 13 year old girls do. Look at hot guys and prank call them just to hear there sexy voice!!! yayyy *sarcastic*

What about comics

2010-02-27 18:22:40 by animemaker22

I think I can be pretty funny at times so what do you think about me trying comics?

No emotion

2010-02-27 11:01:49 by animemaker22

I made an abstract sunset in my boredom enjoy!

No emotion

This is just great

2010-02-26 17:54:38 by animemaker22

I was scouted and 4 hours later unscouted whats up with that! I just made one of my best drawings yet and it was getting a 3.8 thats really good for me. UGH they could of at leased given me half a day to bask in the glory of being scouted. Now that I've vented I think I'll create some more art

Break time

2010-02-24 20:51:54 by animemaker22

Well I have a few projects due so I have to take a break from newgrounds till' saturday unfortunately. Thankyou again to all my supporters and future supporters.

Anime Club

2010-02-23 20:06:37 by animemaker22

I'm going to highschool next year and it has an anime club. Unfortunately there was no booth set up for it this evening. And the promised free t-shirt was not given to me, they ran out. Anyway Anime rules PEACE.

Anime Club

I spoke too soon

2010-02-22 20:12:08 by animemaker22

Well looks like I was unscouted, I should have spent more time on that kikio drawing I had. Thanks for all the people who have supported me so far. I'll just keep putting up art and hope for the best :D

Anime Anime Anime

2010-02-22 10:22:46 by animemaker22

Okay this is a few characters from different animes merged together. My favorite is the one in the top left, its Lelouche from Code Geass it his cat make-up.

Anime Anime Anime