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I spoke too soon

2010-02-22 20:12:08 by animemaker22

Well looks like I was unscouted, I should have spent more time on that kikio drawing I had. Thanks for all the people who have supported me so far. I'll just keep putting up art and hope for the best :D


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2010-02-22 20:26:12

it's all right..
you're not alone.


2010-02-23 06:13:22

it's sad to see you unscouted, and I was going to defend your case against the higher ups, but I was too late.
you have potential, but you have yet to utilize it.

I advise taking a step back from the Anime and study some of the basics. Perhaps some art exercises will help develop your skills. After that some rough sketching and some life drawing will help round out your skills as an artist.

After some development in the arts, you might get scouted again...

animemaker22 responds:

The sad part is I skipped real life and immidiately started anime. I think I just have to work on my art a little harder.


2010-02-23 17:53:17

awww, i think your art is scout worthy.

don't stop maikng art, its awesome

animemaker22 responds:

I don't plan on stopping anytime soon